Wooden Swedish Wall / Climbing ladder for Children + Swing Set

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Presenting the Goodevas Swedish Wall + 3-in-1 Gym Set, the epitome of indoor recreation for young ones. This multifaceted playground offers a rich blend of physical and developmental benefits, fostering courage, hand-eye coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Whether you're a parent prioritizing your child's active growth or seeking the ideal gift for a young family, this set is an invaluable addition to any home.


The foundational component of our products, eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood, offers unparalleled strength and elegance. Complementing this, the dowels are crafted from linden soft hardwood. Each wooden surface is precision sanded and polished, ensuring a splinter-free, smooth finish for maximum safety. Treated with our specialized blend of oils and waxes, this playground is apt for both indoor and controlled outdoor environments, though placement in areas of high humidity or extreme temperatures is discouraged.


  • Triangle Ladder:
    • Suitable for children from 1 to 6-7 years old.
    • Features 5 adjustable height settings.
    • Size: 41" x 23.62" (104 x 60 cm).
    • Weight: 20 lb (9 kg).
  • Gym Add-on:
    • Converts the Triangle Ladder into a Swedish ladder with a horizontal bar.
    • Includes 2 wall mounts and a horizontal bar for diverse activities.
    • Combine with gymnastic rings, disk swing, or climbing rope ladder for enhanced fun.
    • Horizontal bar size: 19.3" x 15" x 8.3" (49 x 38 x 21 cm).
    • Weight: 6.61 lb (3 kg).
  • Disk Rope Swing:
    • A multifunctional swing, crafted from natural spruce wood and non-toxic multifilament polypropylene rope.
    • Suitable for children aged 3-12 years, supporting up to 200 lb (90 kg).
    • Rope length: 59” (150 cm).
    • Weight: 2.25 lb (1kg).
  • Gymnastics Rings:
    • Wooden rings promoting strength and coordination.
    • Designed for children of varied age groups.
    • Ring diameter: 5.9” (15 cm).
    • Rope length: 4” (120 cm).
    • Weight: 2.25 lb (1kg).
  • Climbing Rope Ladder:
    • Encourages dynamic climbing.
    • Features consistent and stable "through and around" knots.
    • Ladder length: 6.2 ft (190 cm).
    • Hanging height: 8 ft (35 x 244 cm).
    • Weight: 4.40 lb (2 kg).

The Swedish Wall + 3-in-1 Gym Set is not merely a toy; it's a catalyst for growth, adventures, and precious childhood memories. Invest in your child's holistic development today!

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