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Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette is easy to clean and practical, making it an essential addition to your acrylic painting equipment.  

  • The ideal working surface for acrylic paints, its flat, white surface provides a bright surface for clear colour mixing. It is lightweight, easy to store and will not warp or crack over time.
  • This re-usable palette is an economical and environmental alternative to disposable, metal, wood or plastic palettes.
  • Tri-Art Acrylic products do not adhere permanently to the Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette, therefore once the paint has dried on the surface, it will peel cleanly away. Any remaining paint can be removed from the palette using the accumulated leftover paint as an eraser. Thinner films and stubborn remnants can be rubbed off with either a palette knife or warm water and a sponge.
  • Use the peeled-off leftover paint for collage and texturing, or to create acrylic gel transfers and acrylic skins.

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