Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Iridescent Copper - 34mL (4438795878487)
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Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Iridescent Copper - 34mL

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Low Viscosity is Tri-Art's new format of professional acrylic paint. It is the lowest in viscosity of our Finest Quality Acrylic paint lines. The format is water-like and free flowing allowing for very fine strokes and smooth applications. A potent jar of highly pigmented, lightfast colours ideal for mixed media and fine art applications. This thin format is aptly suited for watercolour artists that want to transition to using acrylic paints. Paint may be used straight from the jar or paired with any Tri-Art acrylic mediums for thin, smooth layers, glazing or heavy textured applications. It is water permanent when dry. The finish lustre and opacity will be determined by the colour's pigment as no fillers are added. Packed in a squeezable jar with an extended nozzle for controlled dispersion .

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